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Hopium Records is a living expolarative multimedia art project/piece operating as a NFT music label. We explore the new musical, artistic and societal possibilities and questions, arising from decentralised blockchain technology and NFTs. 

We are driven by some fundamental questions:

What potentials arise when combining NFT technology, music, art and society?

What does it mean to own an art piece?

How can you hold a moment?

We explore these questions by operating as a record label, hosting events, through collaborations and by exploring how blockchain technology can create a new order, on new terms, where both artist and art lovers benefit.

We strive to empower artists who wants to dive into NFTs, by providing them with the info and tools they need to explore this new format and it's possibilities. 

Hopium Records is driven by a small team of artists who are passionate about art, NFTs, blockchain and the societal and artistic possibilities these new formats can provide. 

Ultimately, Hopium Records try to imagine a world with more art, healthy technology and freedom, while still keeping in mind that people have different definitions of these.

It is hard to imagine what blockchain, NFTs and crypto means for art and society in general. What is certain though, is that it is much easier to create something if you can imagine it. So it makes sense to try to imagine, or at least explore, a world where blockchain technology empowers both artists and society in general.

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